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NineBall is a band that was formed in 2003, 19 years ago, from what Marty Lucas considered the cream of the crop in the local music scene. Marty was a sound engineer at a popular Phoenix club and saw hundreds of musicians each week. After getting the itch to play live again, Marty started to put together the best hired guns in the Phoenix Metro area toform a band to take over the cover scene. The Phoenix landscape
has change a lot in 19 years but NineBall’s mission has always been the  same… “Provide a variety of music that everyone wants to hear. Be versatile enough to be thrown into any situation for a cover band and thrive…”. NineBall succeeds in this mission every time…
NineBall has Natalie Martinez to cover all of the female lead vocals. She covers Dua Lipa, Adele, Gwen Stefani, Duffy, Amy Winehouse and Pink with ease! All of your favorite female tunes are taken care of… Everything from the classic rock of Heart to the newest hit song by Kacey Musgraves is covered.
Marty Lucas takes care of guitars as well as all of the lead male vocals. Tom Petty? Got it… Muse? Covered… Phil Collins? Nails it… Just as Natalie does, Marty sings it like the original artist and performs the songs the way you have always heard them and loved them.
NineBall is rounded out by the best rhythm section around. Paul Fenix and Ryan Eibling keep the entire backbone of the band strong. Ryan has played drums in many different bands and proves he is not only one of the best drummers in the region, but an accomplished singer as well which adds a third voice to Nineball! Paul Fenix, well known and respected in the music scene throughout the valley, is a very well accomplished bassist, he knows just what to do to make NineBall pulse, slam and groove throughevery song with ease. He comes from a jazz and hard rock background and also adds the fourth male lead vocal to the group adding huge variety.
There is no other cover rock band that can do justice to a huge variety of songs like NineBall. They can live it up and party in front of 10,000 people, or they can pull it down and perform in controlled environments such as corporate events and holiday parties. They provide danceable music that everyone wants to hear and are versatile enough to be thrown  into any situation and thrive…Everytime…

July 26, 2024 | 11:00PM
Copper Blues Downtown Phoenix

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